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Specializing In Advanced Waterproofing Technology


Coastline Deck Coatings, Inc. uses the highest quality product.


Multi-layered deck coating which is trowel applied over expanded metal lath. This system provides a slip resistant, waterproof walking surface that is resistant to substrate cracks. Waterproof flashing for drains, vertical surfaces, thresholds, as well as stress relief for thermal expansion are incorporated into the system. The thickness is approximately 1/8"-3/16" and presents few elevation problems at doors, landings, steps, etc. in existing structures.


Roof decks, observation decks and balconies on commercial and residential buildings carrying pedestrian traffic..


Life Deck is rated as a Class A and One Hour fire resistive flooring system and has been approved by ICC-ES Evaluation Service (#5968).


• Monolithic, contains no joints or seams.

• May be installed over any sound, solid, dry subsurface.

• Fire retardant, One Hour fire rated.

• Will not soften under extreme solar temperatures.

Choose From A Variety of Quality Finishes

Sample Board

About our product application designed for use on elevated concrete and many plywood walking decks, Our procedure includes 1) Applying 2.5 hot dipped galvanized metal lath, with 7/8" galvanized staples(averaged 22 per square foot) , 2) followed by 2 coats of acrylic waterproofing resin cement. 3) Next application includes an epoxy 172 poly-coat primer base coat. 4) Next we apply another 2 coats of pacific polymers 5001 non-gassing rubberized urethanes system. 5) Followed by an application of #20 grit silica sand for a non-skid. 6) Sealed with an top coat provides the longest lasting protection available. 7) The next step is either an optional knockdown texture or stenciled acrylic patterns. 8) The Final step is to lock down the entire system with a final top coat of alphiatic paint of customers choice.

Tuff-Flex Coating Systems

Before we apply the tuff-flex system we apply and let dry an epoxy 172 poly coat primer.

Using a notch trowel we apply the tuff-flex rubberized coating.

While this coat is curing we apply a 20 grit sand layer for a non slip surface.

After removing all excess sand we lock down the system with a top coat of aliphatic paint of customers choice of color.